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Be Love

Fulfillment, Vivaciousness, Attraction


The Be Love Angels help you to not seek Love, but BE LOVE.

We all sometimes feel a lack of love and often want someone or something to fill that void. This often leads to us indulging in things that are not good for us , or putting up with people that are not right for us. The Be Love Angels help you to truly feel love from the inside out, so you radiate it and attract all the right somethings and some ones to you. This love comes from Source, God, Ultimate Good, and shines through you like a light. Filling you full and bringing true Love into your life.


Negative emotions Be Love Angels can help with:  loneliness, isolation, lack, heartbreak, separateness, bitterness towards a partner or loved one.

Pocket Prayer: “ Be love Angels help me to Be Love from the inside out and radiate it from every cell of my being. Attracting true love and goodness to me., because that is what I AM.”

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