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Chaco Canyon

The Angel of Greatness

Worthiness, Connection, Birthright


Chaco is a small Angel dog that sits by your feet.

It’s actually easy to step on this little guy if your not looking.

Despite his size he has a powerful message. He reminds you no matter how small you feel how important you are to the bigger picture of things. You were made for a reason, a unique purpose and there is only one you, that fills that order. So this little Angel helps connect you to the Universe, but also help ground you to land beneath your feet. No matter is you care standing on concrete or in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. You are meant to be exactly where you are and you are connected to that spot. So, ground down and look up, and claim your birthright to be fully here, fully expressed and fully great.


Negative emotions Chaco Canyon can help with: depression, unworthiness, lack of self worth, disconnection

Pocket Prayer: “ Chaco Canyon stand strong at my feet and help remind me of my connection to the earth, the world, the Universe, the stars and Divine Love. I am here for a reason and I matter.”

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