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The Angel of Travel and Divine Timing

Serendipity, Connection, Safety


Chloe is the Angel of travel and connecting the dots of your life.

You know when you get an idea about going some place? It might be to a different country,  a different yoga studio, or restaurant.

She helps you listen to these seeds that are planting in your consciousness and grow them so you can bring them into manifestation. Helping you find the resources, courage or push that you need to get there, and protecting you once you are there. She also will not only help you get there, but she will help you understand why you have come and how all these seemingly tiny dots help form the bigger picture of your life and the masterpiece you are painting. So, let Chloe help you listen to those insignificant seeds that are mapping out the larger picture of your life.


Negative emotions Chloe can help with: lack of courage, lack of direction direction, fear of traveling, lack of resources or funds, fear, stuckness, complacency

Pocket Prayer: “Chloe help me to listen to the seeds of travel planted in my heart and soul. To let the dots of my life unfold with ease and wisdom as I paint the picture of my life.”

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