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The Angel of Creation

Expression, Creativity & Vision


Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a box? or Trapped?  Eduardo helps you to know... what you don’t know ... that you know. I know it makes your brain hurt, but that’s because it’s expanding and opening up to new possibilities and ideas that it has never entertained before. Taking of the blinders of the past off, so you can grow beyond where you have ever been before. Let Eduardo help open you up to information outside your box, so instead of being stuck inside of it you can stand on top of it.


Negative emotions Eduardo can help with:  Depression, Bad habits, Stuckness, Stubbornness, Claustrophobia, Frustration

Pocket Prayer: “ Eduardo please help me to take of the blindfolds of the past and open my eyes to the possibilities of the present. I am here to create and go beyond where I have been before. ”

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