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The 1st Human Angel

Vision, Belief ,Kindness & Light


Once upon a time Angels and humans walked and talked together. Then humans began to exercise their minds and soon became obsessed with thinking. There minds became like monkeys and no longer could they BE with the Angels. Lucille, an Angel saw this split happening and she jumped into the body of a human and hid her wings in their back. She hid in this woman's body until the woman grew old and her soul passed. Lucille cried and with the blessing of her Angel tears the body was restored to health and Lucille lived in this body whispering the sweet reminder that Angels do exist. She the meet a man named Miguel and feel in love with him. They created a whole race of human angels that live among us now. Reminding us through acts of kindness, grace and love that the power to BE, triumphs the monkey mind. The human mind must be used as a tool, but can not be allowed to run the show.

Maybe you feel a tickle in your back...Are a human angel?

Do you know a human Angel?

Call on Lucille to remind of what it was like to talk and dance with the Angels.


Negative emotions Lucille can help with:  Monkey Mind, Exhaustion, Obsessive Thinking, loss of Magic or belief, Distraction, Stepping on Roses instead of Smelling them.

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