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The Angel of Purpose

Direction, Focus, Vigilance and Grace


Miedeer is a deer Angel that is here to help you find and stay on your path with Vigilance and Grace. Sometimes we know exactly what we should be doing & sometimes we get turned around. Imagine that when you are lost in the woods a pink headed deer with expansive purple wings shows up to lead you back to your path and remind you who you are and why you are here. We all have a purpose and a path that is waiting for us. I never goes anywhere, but sometimes we do. Let Miedeer keep leading you back and trusting this perfect path that is carved out just for you.


Negative emotions Miedeer can help with: Confusion, Uncertainty, Unsureness , Indecision,  Hesitancy, Scepticism, Doubt, Ignorance, Incertitude, Bewilderment, Muddled

Miedeer’s Guidance: I have a purpose and a ordained path. I go forward with vigilance and grace. I trust that each step of the way my path will unfold with more clarity and direction. God and the Angels are supporting and caring for me with each step.

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