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The Angel of Beautification

Style, Refinement, Charm


Queenie helps you turn any situation, thing, place or circumstance into something beautiful. No matter what is put on the table before you she will help you turn it into a feast fit for a Queen. Sometimes we don’t need more, we just need a little more Grace. Queenie is my Grandmother’s cat, a simple little lady who is now 101 living in Mississippi. She has never had much and she has endured much loss in her life, but what she does have she treats it like gold. She can take a can of chinese food from Wal-Mart and  turn it into a Royal dinner. Watching her take out the trash is like watching a baptism. She slowly puts on her perfectly pressed trash coat, then she seals and cleans the bag as if it is filled with jewels. Cleaning and putting in a new bag with focus and pleasure. Leaving everything she touched beautified.

Negative emotions Queenie can help with: Ingratitude, Crudeness, Ugliness, Offensiveness, Roughness, Inelegance

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