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The Angel of New Opportunity

Possibility, Freedom & Hope


If you look at the Image of Rosie you will see a collage at the bottom of it. This represents the mental confusion we often find ourselves in. You can climb up Rosie like a rope or you can ask her to lift you up to the two small windows by her head. At first they look small and distant, but once you look out of them,  you will see the vastness of possibilities available to you. Rosie helps you see the field of possibilities and opportunities available to you. We are not meant to swim around in the confusing puzzle of the mind, but use the mind as a tool to help us create and sculpt our lives. You already have everything you need, but let Rosie help lift your consciousness up so you can align with this reality.


Negative emotions Rosie can help with: Despair, Mental Confusion, lack of Opportunity, Bad Luck, Boxed Out, Reality, Misfortune

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