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Artist, Angel Lover, Animal Lover, Dreamer, Light Seeker & Lover of all things Good.


Jane is inspired by Angels, Color and Nature. 


She has turned to art for healing for as long as she can remember and her journey to overcoming depression has inspired her to create 26 Angels that began to appear to her through meditation, fasting and yoga practice.


The Angels serve as a bridge to Divinity. They are fun, unique, modern and here to remind us that we are perfectly imperfect. That being human isn’t always easy but with humor and inspiration we can make our lives better, become better people, serve something greater than us & connect to the Divine. She has passed out pocket Angels all over the world. Experiencing how the Angels bring light and Love to all different people. Inviting people to step into the present moment, a place of healing and opportunity.

Sharing stories, tears, laughter and joy! 

Jane's newest works incorporate a variety of materials found and inspired by nature that express more depth and a subtle angle essence. She has been working with unique materials such as dryer lint, 14 karat gold glitter, and moss and wood from her land. 


When you collect a piece of Jane’s art you are also collecting a story.

Her mixed media pieces are a prayer, an expression, a desire to connect with something greater. Letting Art come through her in the purest form possible.

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