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The Angel of don’t F@$% with my Aura

Boundaries, CLarity & Protection

Amelia is a kind, but fierce Angel.

She is serious about protecting your Aura.

She has large wings that resemble the large vertical cylinders that are like the scrubbers when you go through an automatic car wash. They rotate rapidly cleaning up any residue, junk, sticky substances, tar that might be stuck to your Aura, and keeping you feeling bogged down & negative. She powerfully cleans up your Aura, and then is happy to stay by your side protecting it as you navigate the world.

Imagine going through an Angel Wash and coming out the other side sparkling clean, lighter, happier and more energetic. With the peace of mind to make the best decision for you without the influence of others.   


Negative emotions Amelia can help release: Jealousy, Annoyance, Exhaustion, Depression, Confusion, Worry, Doubt, Indecisiveness


Pocket Prayer:  “ Amelia, please scrub my aura clean and help me to watch my thoughts and keep them free from influence and negativity. I am clear, connected & protected. “

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