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The Angel of Trust

Assurance, Confidence, Faith


Sophia is a sassy Angel that will hold your hand tight when you start to spin out. You know when you are feeling good and then someone says one thing or does something and you begin to spin out? Questioning everything, distrust takes a hold of you, doubt, fear and you begin to go down the tubes. Before you jump in that vacuum call on Sophia. She will grab your hand and snap you back into alignment with Trust and ground you down. There might be something you need to know, clear up or shed some light on, but Sophia helps you do it from a centered place. Don’t let fear flush you down the toilet, once you are in the sewer it is much harder to get back up. Hold on tight to Sophia trusting hand and let all the negativity flush away without you.

Negative emotions Sophia can help with: Distrust, Uncertainty, Doubt, Fear.

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