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Dryer Lint

Dryer Lint by Jane S. Meyer

What do you do with your Dryer Lint?

My fascination with Dryer Lint began about a year ago when I moved into a house after living in an apartment in Brooklyn, NY.

My Mom was over and she was very insistent about making sure I clean out the dryer lint, because it can start fires!!! Ahhhhhh...there are so many things a 1st time house owner needs to know...

So, I paused... and very carefully cleaned out the dryer lint. Slow + dryer lint= The beginning of a Love Story. The texture, the story, the depth... My artist brain went crazy and I thought to myself “I can’t throw this amazing material away, it’s too precious.” So I began carefully piling my dryer lint in my laundry room.

I had no idea what I was going to do with it until I met a horse at the Animal Catskill Sanctuary. This wasn’t just any horse it was a survivor of a degenerative eye disease that had taken both of its eyes. The sanctuary had rescued it and given it a peaceful and beautiful life. I was with my 2 yr. old boy & sister, we all were enamored with the horse. My sister committed “ It’s like a Picasso painting.” My son who is usually wrestling or running, was still and the horse brought out a profound peace in him. I felt this same peace and an extreme reverence for him & the sanctuary that saved his life. We sat and watched him for awhile, he came up to the fence letting us pet him and BE with him. Time was still, we were present. Life made since.

This is the picture I took that day & the second one is the horse made out of Dryer Lint.

Just like dryer lint this horse’s life could of been easily tossed aside, but it wasn’t & I am deeply grateful for that. He reminds me continually not to throw away life & to be grateful.

I have continued to create more horses out of dryer lint working to capture his essence by using a mixture of resin, paint, gold leaf and 14k glitter. If you are interested in seeing or purchasing my works they are hanging up in Kingston, NY at Zephyr on the hudson, A beautiful boutique.

Here is a Picture of the Golden Horse.

Golden Horse

May we all know our worth, take care of all living beings and be conscious of what we are throwing away.

Want Some Ideas on what to do with your Dryer Lint click here.

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